About YourEyesLie Clothing & Store.

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What are we about? I suppose we were conscious of wanting to create a brand that didn’t take itself too seriously: Like a geek with big dance moves and a broad grin, we’re a label that just gets on with enjoying itself, leaving the pigeon-holing to people with time for it. We take pleasure in esoteric ideas, stupid puns and that perfect fitting kitten-soft t-shirt that is just right when you’ve only five minutes to get ready but still want to be the bad-ass of the ball, and is still just right when you’re shuffling to the greasy spoon for a workmans’ breakfast 14 hours later..

The white t-shirt is our signature, a clean classic canvas upon which to use our graphic design background and the ideas fermenting in our sick brain. It also provides plenty of scope for our customers to customise, rolling sleeves. ripping collars and tucking in here and pulling out there. It’s the foundation upon which our empire is laid and I will be forever be grateful to it. God knows I’ve spent enough time with it, perfecting the fit, sizing and fabric.

And the name YourEyesLie? we’ve always been interested in ideas of truth and appearance. Whether it’s do with huge conspiracies and malevolent deception or just optical illusions we wanted our clothes to convey this idea that things are not always what they seem. And this concept is particularly pertinent when designing clothes that bring us within the confines of a fashion industry built on aspirational lies.

Kids grow up aspiring to be sullen supermodels while our geeky friend just keeps on dancing, pulling extravagent shapes of happiness while wearing a t-shirt and the broadest of grins. If you still want to be the supermodel then I’d say your eyes lie.

The future for YourEyeslie is exciting: We’ve recruited some brilliant fashion designers to help us work on a bigger and more experimental collection incorporating exciting new pieces and shapes, we’ve opened our first physical store in Camden London, UK.

Ben YourEyesLie