Join The YourEyesLie Affiliate Program!

We've started off in humble beginnings but have quickly gained a following amongst celebrities, trendsetters and top retailers worldwide which is where you might of found us, or maybe you've just stumbled across us from a blog, referral, or from your own talent at finding the coolest stuff. We're growing fast, and want you to help us spread the word to rad girls & boys who like you love fashion as much as we do.

Were aiming high and we want to take you with us by featuring one of our banner ads on your website or blog, were Aimed primarily at fashion forward 16-34 year olds and As an approved publisher, you’ll receive a MASSIVE 15% of any purchase that’s made as a result of someone clicking on your ad. Sound good? We think so too!

Our ads are always super rad and totally cute and we update them all the time with images from our amazing lookbooks and product shoot's. What are you waiting for? now is the perfect time to join the YourEyesLie.com affiliate program.

Anyone can join! Just register as an affiliate via this Linkshare link. Once you are registered, click the ‘programs’ tab, search for YourEyesLie.com in the ‘advertiser search’ bar and request to be added as our affiliate. Whenever your visitors make a purchase on Youreyeslie.com, you make money on the sale. 


Program Benefits

  • Base Rate Commission of 15%
  • 45 Days Return Days
  • Jpg/Gif Banners
  • Text Links
  • Regular exciting offers & promotions
  • Dedicated newsletter featuring the latest bestsellers, trends and offers



How does it work?

Just follow the link provided above, sign-up as an affiliate through Linkshare, request to join youreyeslie.com by clicking the ‘programs’ tab, search for youreyeslie.com in the ‘advertiser search’ bar, and start earning commissions based on our tiered commission structure.

Why become a YourEyesLie Affiliate Partner?

You can make money by driving us sales and engaging your visitors at the same time (not just by sending them to youreyeslie.com), but by hooking them up with exclusive promotional offers, sales, and original content! If you know what’s good for you, quit wasting time, and start earning some cash! All it takes is posting the youreyeslie links, banners and/or logos that we designed and prepared for your site.

How will I know if my site is eligible?

It’s easy, just join the program via the link provided, request to become an affiliate, answer a few questions and wait for approval to be sent via email.

Who can I contact for more information?

Email: affiliates@youreyeslie.com